What industry category is massage therapy?

The number of massage therapists has increased by 14% in the last decade. The profession is predominantly female, with 86%. Nearly half of massage therapists (46%) have a bachelor's degree or higher.

Massage therapy

was rarely the first professional choice for most massage therapists, regardless of the practice setting.

AMTA offers a variety of rigorously vetted continuing education classes and massage therapy training, available online and in person. The increase in demand for massage therapy is evident, and it seems that consumers place massage therapy high on their list of priorities. The pandemic has also meant that massage therapists needed more supplies and new supplies than ever before were needed to run their business. To learn more about spa franchise opportunities with MassageLuxe, scroll down to complete the contact form below.

MassageLuxe is a more luxurious experience, and you sense it when you enter the beautiful lobby. Consumers will seek the health benefits of massage therapy at a greater rate while enjoying the idea of being pampered. We review job offers to determine where in the country there is most demand for certified massage therapists. As demand increases in the massage therapy industry, consumers will want to receive treatment from a trusted brand.

According to the AMTA Consumer Survey, an average of 21% of adult Americans received at least one massage at a spa in the past year. MassageLuxe is already a trusted name in this growing industry, and the benefits for MassageLuxe team members will only grow from here as the success of the massage spa industry continues to increase. In addition, more and more baby boomers are turning to massage therapy to help with age-related ailments. The survey also found that most consumers consider massage therapy to be a necessity rather than a luxury.

Only 16% of consumers say that pampering is the main reason for their last massage, and 30% of consumers received a pampering massage in the past year. The MassageLuxe franchise team looks forward to welcoming customers, franchise owners, and massage and spa therapists to markets across the country. This leads to more successful career opportunities for massage therapists and massage spa franchise owners.