What are the 12 types of massage?

If you're wondering where to start your journey to relaxation, check out these 12 types of massages to find out which one you should receive first. The most common type of massage, and one of the most pleasant, is Swedish massage. It is also known as massage therapy or regular massage. Swedish massage uses gentle pressure in the form of long, gentle movements on the muscles.

The therapist will also use circular and kneading movements. The use of massage oil allows for a pleasant and frictionless massage. If you don't know what type of massage to receive or you are new to massages, Swedish massage is the ideal option. If you're in pain or want to relax and reduce stress, it's a perfect option.

Deep tissue massages aren't as gentle as a Swedish massage, but they're just as important. Your massage therapist will focus on the deeper layers of your muscles, especially areas where you are sore or in pain. Deep tissue massages are perfect for athletes or those who perform manual labor who repeatedly use the same muscles or perform the same movements. Techniques used in a deep tissue massage can provide much needed relief for areas that are especially tense, stiff, or painful.

Massage therapists use lymphatic massages to improve lymph flow throughout the body. Lymph fluid helps maintain fluid levels in the body and removes waste. People who suffer from inflammation usually find the most relief with a lymphatic massage. Myofascial release therapy involves pain-free kneading, stretching, and stretching of the skin and muscles to release tension in the fascia.

It can provide much-needed pain relief, as well as help heal scar tissue. A neuromuscular massage, or trigger point massage, works by identifying specific areas of tension deep within the muscle. These strains, also called trigger points, can be the source of many different painful symptoms, including headaches and muscle strains. Therefore, if you are one of those who receive them regularly, and there is a part of you that feels a little guilty about the price, please don't do it.

You are doing great good to your mind, body and spirit by booking those appointments. On the other hand, if you've never had a massage before (or it's been years since you were given one), take a moment to see 12 different types of massages (these are just a few; believe it or not, there are actually several more) that are specifically designed to treat whatever (physically) afflicts you. The easiest way to describe a deep tissue massage is that it is a Swedish one that has more pressure applied to it. People seeking this type of treatment are usually those who experience chronic muscle pain, a sports injury, or some type of strain, along with the anxiety that this type of discomfort could cause.

Slower movements with more intense finger pressure are what usually happens. While, honestly, there isn't a ton of scientific data to back up tasting, it's still a fan favorite; one that's been used for centuries. It's about a massage therapist locating a very tight or painful part of the body, placing a suction cup over it, and letting it stay there until blood rushes into the area to finally provide relief. Basically, there are three different types of suction cup techniques to choose from.

The use of dry suction cups is when cups that are between 1 and 3 inches in diameter are placed on the body (this is the most common method). The fire suction cup is when a glass cup is set on fire and then placed on the top of the body. Then there's the wet suction cup; it's about a professional literally making an incision in the skin to significantly increase blood circulation and flush toxins out of your system (apparently, it's quite popular in Islamic culture). Personally, I'm a big fan of reflexology.

This is when pressure is applied to pressure points such as the hands, feet and ears. When I did it on my feet, it was crazy how I could feel that certain parts of my body were responding to the massage itself (because there are literally several thousand nerve endings per sole of the foot; many that are connected to various organs, etc. Reflexology is great because it can do everything from relaxing nerves and reducing headaches to increasing blood circulation and giving you an energy boost. One method of massage that is directly attributed to ancient Chinese medicine is acupuncture.

While you don't have a wealth of scientific data to back it up, many professionals and clients alike are very interested in this particular approach. It involves inserting very thin needles into various meridian points of the body to control stress and relieve pain. It's very common for people with recurrent headaches, dental pain, respiratory disorders, back pain, and even menstrual cramps to use this approach. If the mere idea of a needle scares you, an alternative method is acupressure, which is basically acupuncture without the use of needles.

As for the duration of this type of session, it's really based on how many needles your massage therapist feels they need so that you can receive the best results. The Full Moon that occurs in the middle of the month on September 10 is happening in Pisces, and it is the Full Harvest Moon of the year. This full moon has to do with dreams that come true and the manifestations that appear. A full moon in Pisces gets emotional and, in general, this is a time of deep growth that happens inside and out.

On September 22, the Libra season begins, and the energy shifts from detail-oriented, goddess Virgo energy, to relationship-oriented, love-centered Libra. With Libra season moving forward, new relationship developments will take place at the end of the month and September is a time to work together with others instead of being alone. The New Moon in Libra on September 25 before the end of the month is taking this loving energy front and center, and by the end of the month, you should set your intentions for love, connection and balance. In general, September is all about giving grace to yourself and others and believing in the beauty and magic of what is becoming for you.

This is what the month has in store for your zodiac sign. The Sun and Venus are moving through your fifth house of romance for most of the month, and love is truly on your side right now. The intentions you've been setting when it comes to your love life and close relationships are paying off, and it feels good to know where you stand with others and vice versa. The Full Moon on September 10 is a time of revelation when it comes to your friendship and community, and you're gaining clarity on who has been there for you all this month.

Mercury will be retrograde in his fifth house of romance for a few weeks, then he will move to the area of his birth chart that has to do with home and its foundations in life. In general, this month is all about finding the balance between having fun and protecting your energy, and sometimes it takes time to figure out which is which. The New Moon in the companion air sign Libra, which occurs at the end of the month on September 25, will be an awakening experience for you and will allow you to reconnect with your hope and inspiration. There is a Full Moon happening on September 10 in the water sign Pisces, and this Full Moon will give you all the vision and clarity on where you need to expand your horizons, and to see the bigger picture.

With Mercury moving retrograde in your fourth home, family, foundation, and inner world for most of the month, the foundations are shaking and you have the opportunity to rebuild yourself in a way that makes the most sense to you. Remember that what your life leaves behind is not sustainable for you to continue and that the detours you are experiencing this month are blessings. Its ruling planet Mercury will recede on September 9 and begin its transit in Libra and its second home of income, before moving to Virgo and its first home of itself from September 23 to October 2. In general, this is a time to review your finances, replan, and value yourself more than anything else.

With Venus in Virgo from September 5 to September 29, trust will be with you to overcome anything, and there will be love bathing over you in magical ways. You can overcome anything, Virgo, and you will do it with a smile on your face this month. With a New Moon in your sign in the middle of the month of September 10, you are seeing your intentions manifest in your reality. This New Moon is all about positive recognition and seeing yourself the beautiful way you want others to.

Self-love rituals are key this month, and you deserve to be adorned and treated well. With the Sun and Venus also moving through your seventh house of love for most of September, there is a lot of harmony, grace and love falling upon you this month, plunge into. A massage is a technique that has been used for many years to treat different problems. The first massage therapy is said to have been introduced in 3000 BC.

C. A 50-minute Swedish massage routine Pregnancy is something extremely difficult to launch accompanied by unexpected pain in different areas of the body. The body swells and the muscles become stiff. Prenatal massage is a safe way for pregnant women to enjoy the benefits of a massage.

It is suggested to opt for this massage after the first trimester to reduce the risk of any mishap. . .