What are the Benefits of Medical Spa Services?

Medical spas offer a variety of treatments and services to help people with a range of issues, from acne and cellulite to sun damage. Eden Day Spa is a full-service salon that provides body services, nail care, massage, waxing, skin care and other treatments. Monica Gavin, who runs a medical spa in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, explains that going to a medical spa is “like going to a day spa, but for medical treatment.” When considering a medical spa, it's important to research who chooses the products and treatments. At Deep Blue Med Spa locations, unopened products can be returned within one month of purchase for credit.

The California Medical Board recommends researching five key facts before undergoing treatment at a medical spa. States require the participation of a licensed physician in the operations of a medical spa for good reason. Deep Blue Med Spa is an example of a comprehensive medical spa that offers advanced and innovative treatments performed by certified medical estheticians and physician assistants. This type of spa can medically treat various skin conditions, such as acne, wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation disorders, including dermal melasma and sun damage.

Plastic surgeons are trained to perform both surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments, making them invaluable in a medical spa environment. The medical professionals at Deep Blue Med Spa have authored or reviewed and approved this content. While doctor's office visits may not be as relaxing as a day at the spa, practices should aim to make patients feel prioritized and unhurried. Non-surgical treatments are often administered by an aesthetic nurse practitioner in the medical spa.

Doctors can give patients access to the services they want without putting them at risk by opening a safe, sterile, well-equipped medical spa inside or next to their office. The demand for less-invasive cosmetic options has increased over the past 20 years, leading to an increase in the number of medical spas. These spas offer the peace of mind of a spa combined with the expertise of a licensed physician driven by advanced technology.